A Pendrop

In Your Black Suit

You come waving with your hat;Dancing in your black suit under the moonlight,Jumping and swinging left and right,Singing and enjoying your show Like this you show up on my wayLike a Chorus inside a song, you continue on repeating again and againLike an ad that appears between the movie scenes, you keep distracting meAs a […]


Love;An indefinable feeling that runs through your veins when you see the person you love smiling in a photo or when your walls are shattered with a sigh of their warm smoky voice! It is also when you fall in love with every weird detail of them like how long their neck is or the […]

Accept it, love yourself and heal..

We all have this memory of being abused, laughed at, or even hit that left us broken and insecure. This memory that still follow some of us. This memory that we pretend that it never happened. This memory that maybe made us hate the fact that we are who we are. You feel the pain, […]

We write to express, not to impress!

A Pendrop

We are wanderers whose aim is to let their passion out. For sometime, we got trapped by our thoughts. The way that we think and feel in a different way made us, somehow, in another world, this world that you too may belong to. We were born to feel, we were born to think, and we were born to observe. This is what studying literature taught us. And here, we will feel, think, and observe. These drops will be falling from our mind clouds. It may be a piece of literature from a different perspective, any genre of literature you are familiar/unfamiliar with, a glimpse of our stream of consciousness, or just a piece of our everyday life. There’s no limitations in Art; that’s our Motto. May our pendrops find their way to your minds and hearts!